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jyhuang Oct 4, 2010 at 6:02 AM 
This software is the most advanced simulator for multiple heterojunction/homojuction solar cells with options of fairly advanced carrier transport mechanisms. Unfortunately, the software is still not quite stable. For example,
(1) for the most recent change 55606, the argument list of call READIN in Semian and Zzter had not been revised while new subroutine READIN had been modified;
(2) Similarly, the argument lists involved Abpsu1lng and Abpsu2lng had been modified while calling to these subroutines in the optical core engine Optics.for had not been revised accordingly.
(3) The number of arrays and variables is huge in subroutines and subroutine calling, which causes unstable of the software. It is better to put these commonly used arrays and variables in modules, and use these modules when the related arrays and variables are needed in subroutines and main program.
(4) I can use Intel Fortran compiler to successfully compile the three Fortran projects. PREQ works fine, but PRES still causes some problems. The photo-generation rates in GN.DAT contain values of zero,suggesting the photogeneration profile is not prepared properly with various optical models due to the huge number of argument transfer between subroutines and main program.